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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-803
Exam Name: Implementing MSA Storage Solutions

Which operating system is supported in an MSA1000 SAN configuration with an FCA2210 host bus adapter (HBA)?

A.    Linux
B.    HP-UX
C.    Windows 2000
D.    Novell NetWare

Answer: D

Which two hot plug components are interchangeable between the MSA1500 cs and the MSA20? (Choose two.)

A.    fans
B.    SCSI module
C.    power supplies
D.    Fibre Channel I/O module

Answer: AC

How is the FCA2101 BIOS Utility entered to set up the host bus adapter (HBA) to perform a remote boot?

A.    F10 after the server is rebooted
B.    Alt+E after the server is rebooted
C.    SmartStart is booted from the CD.
D.    Array Diagnostic Utility is booted from the CD.

Answer: B

A customer wants to implement an MSA1000 solution with no single point of failure (NSPOF). The solution includes 1 MSA1000, 2-Node W2K Cluster, 2-Node NetWare Cluster. Which host bus adapters (HBAs) are needed to implement this solution?

A.    two FCA2404 and two FCA2210
B.    two FCA2404 and two FCA2214
C.    four FCA2404 and four FCA2210
D.    four FCA2404 and four FCA2224

Answer: C

You are attaching MSA30 enclosures to an MSA1500 cs with all SCSI modules installed. On which bus and port should they be attached?

A.    bus 0 port A, bus 1 port A, bus 2 port A and bus 3 port A
B.    bus 0 port A, bus 1 port B, bus 2 port A and bus 3 port B
C.    bus 0 port B, bus 1 port A, bus 2 port B and bus 3 port A
D.    bus 0 port B, bus 1 port B, bus 2 port B and bus 3 port B

Answer: A

An MSA1000 is powered on with both controllers inserted, but different firmware on each.
Which firmware is used?

A.    the older firmware version
B.    the newer firmware version
C.    Neither is used. The MSA1000 will not boot.
D.    The MSA1000 will request firmware reinstallation for both controllers.

Answer: B

A customer has a no single point of failure (NSPOF) Linux Cluster attached to an MSA1000 with redundant controllers. What is required to add an additional server running Windows to this configuration?

A.    External switches must be used.
B.    Secure Path for Windows must be installed.
C.    Linux is allowed to coexist with NetWare only.
D.    A single node Microsoft Cluster Service must be configured.

Answer: B

Which three additional components are needed for a non-redundant MSA1500 cs subsystem to be fully redundant? (Choose three.)

A.    Secure Path
B.    power supply
C.    MSA1000 controller
D.    256 MB Cache Module
E.    Fibre Channel I/O Module

Answer: ACE

What is the maximum number of physical drives supported with the MSA1500 cs using MSA30 enclosures?

A.    36
B.    42
C.    56
D.    66
E.    96

Answer: C

How many total device-side SCSI buses are there in the MSA1500 cs controller when attached to the MSA20 enclosures?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: D

What is the maximum number of logical drives supported with the MSA1000?

A.    24
B.    32
C.    42
D.    48

Answer: B

The StorageWorks 2 Gb/s Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) Short Wave Transceivers support distances up to _____ using multimode fiber-optic cable.

A.    100m at 2 Gb/s and 300m at 1 Gb/s
B.    10 km at 2 Gb/s and 500m at 1 Gb/s
C.    300m at 2 Gb/s and 500m at 1 Gb/s
D.    500m at 2 Gb/s and 300m at 1 Gb/s

Answer: C

What are three purposes of the EMU I/O port module in the MSA1000? (Choose three.)

A.    provides drive status indicators
B.    controls inter-controller internal communication
C.    monitors temperatures, power supplies and blowers
D.    provides expansion ports for external SCSI enclosures
E.    provides expansion ports for both SCSI and SATA enclosures

Answer: ACD

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