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Passed HP HP0-J67 Exam with Pass4sure and Lead2pass PDF & VCE

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-J67
Exam Name: Architecting Multi-site HP Storage Solutions

Refer to the exhibit. You are presenting a converged infrastructure proposal to the director of IT and the infrastructure administration team. The configuration is to refresh th infrastructure at a wholly-owned subsidiary company. They plan to have a SQL standby server in their main data center for recovery. The director informs you that the subsidiary IT staff has been laid off and that the configuration needs to be as easy to manage as possible because it will be done remotely. What should you to improve the proposal TCO?


A.    Recommend an HP Flat SAN
B.    Add an HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateway
C.    Change HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 to HP StoreVIrtual 4530
D.    Fibre Channel connect the HP StoreOnce 4420

Answer: A
HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology
To address this problem HP announces HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology. The industry’sfirst direct connection to fibre channel-based storage that doesn’t require dedicated switches, enabling asimplified architecture with best-in-class storage, servers and network innovations — BladeSystem, VirtualConnect and 3PAR.
Customer benefits include:
– Single layer Fibre Channel storage network – Eliminate SAN switches and HBAs
– Massive simplification of your fabric management
– 2.5x faster Fibre Channel storage provisioning
– Automated zoning capabilities to set up zones with one-click vs. hours
– Up to 55% less latency by removing SAN fabric layer

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OFFER Pass4sure and Lead2pass HP0-J51 PDF & VCE

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-J51
Exam Name: Installing HP StorageWorks Solutions

The HP P2000 G3 FC Storage Array supports both the MSA70 and D2700 disk enclosures. When connecting these enclosures to the P2000 G3 FC controller, where can the MSA70 enclosure be cabled without limiting performance?

A.    any location
B.    before all D2700 enclosures
C.    after all D2700 enclosures
D.    after the first D2700 enclosure

Answer: C

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Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass HP HP0-A25 Exam Questions

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-A25
Exam Name: NonStop SQL/MX

Who is allowed to add columns to a table? (Select two.)

B.    the owner of the table
C.    the owner’s group super
D.    the owner of the schema
E.    users that have been granted access

Answer: AD

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2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed HP HP0-803 Dumps

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-803
Exam Name: Implementing MSA Storage Solutions

Which operating system is supported in an MSA1000 SAN configuration with an FCA2210 host bus adapter (HBA)?

A.    Linux
B.    HP-UX
C.    Windows 2000
D.    Novell NetWare

Answer: D

Which two hot plug components are interchangeable between the MSA1500 cs and the MSA20? (Choose two.)

A.    fans
B.    SCSI module
C.    power supplies
D.    Fibre Channel I/O module

Answer: AC

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Latest HP HP0-662 Exam Dumps Free Download with PDF & VCE

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-662
Exam Name: NonStop Configuration and Planning

Assuming no I/O enclosures, how many electrical branch circuits are needed to provide power fault tolerance for a six-processor S7x000 system?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.    6

Answer: D

Which items would you expect to see on a network topology diagram? Select TWO.

A.    tape devices
B.    IP addresses
C.    routers
D.    disk mapping
E.    cable specifications

Answer: BC

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Free Online Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass HP HP0-084 PDF

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-084
Exam Name: HP Integrity Server Multi-OS Installation & Deployment

Which HP performance tools can be used on Integrity servers running HP-UX? (Select two.)

A.    HP Operations Agent
B.    HP OpenView GlancePlus
C.    HP Performance Monitor
D.    HP Performance Agent
E.    HP Availability Manager

Answer: BD

You want to load new firmware for the Management Processor (MP). Which command do you use to verify a proper connection to an FTP server?

A.    xd
B.    bin
C.    scp
D.    xu

Answer: A

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Brocade 143-270 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

Vendor: Brocade
Exam Code: 143-270
Exam Name: Brocade Certified Fabric Designer 16 Gbps

You are the project manager of SAN capacity planning. Which three groups should be consulted? (Choose three. )

A.    IT application owners
B.    IT application developers
C.    facilities management
D.    storage and network administrators
E.    desktop support services

Answer: ACD

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Passed Avaya 6201 Exam with Pass4sure and Lead2pass PDF & VCE

Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 6201
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Call Center Elite and Avaya Call Management System Implementation Exam

Agent 20042, a scenario mortgage specialist, is assigned 5 skills.
Which two ways can the agentidentify the type of call that being delivered? (Choose two.)

A.    by the Skill whisper announcementbefore call: is delivered
B.    by the flashing skill button on the telephone set
C.    by the VDN of Origin announcement before call is delivered
D.    by the telephone display (a = Originator Name to VDN)

Answer: CD

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