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Updated Avaya 3302 PDF & VCE Free Download Now

Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 3302
Exam Name: Avaya Contact Center Control Manager Implementation and Maintenance Exam

A customer has deployed Avaya Contact Center Control Manager (ACCCM) with an Avaya Communication Manager (CM) solution. They would like to give their users the ability to change the button assignments on that desk telephones directly from their Web browser.
Which application matches the key capabilities that the customer requires?

A.    Call Flow Management
B.    CM Extensions Management
C.    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Self-Service
D.    Visual Phone

Answer: D

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Free Download Pass4sure and Lead2pass 3000 Exam Question with PDF & VCE

Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 3000
Exam Name: Avaya Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)Communications Solutions Exam

Which three requirements are collected during the Infrastructure Data Gathering phase?
(Choose three.)

A.    Productivity Requirements
B.    Physical Layer: Existing Telecom Infrastructure
C.    Above Physical Layer: Existing Data Network
D.    Line of Business application integration needs
E.    Current PBX/Key System Features and Dial Plan

Answer: BCE

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OFFER Pass4sure and Lead2pass 9L0-626 PDF & VCE

Vendor: Apple
Exam Code: 9L0-626
Exam Name: ACSA 10.6 Recertification Exam

Review the screenshot of the Permissions pane in Server Admin, and then answer the question below. You have assigned permissions to a folder, as illustrated. What access does the user, Pat, have to the folder?


A.    Pat has read-only access to the folder.
B.    Pat has write-only access to the folder.
C.    Pat does not have any access to the folder.
D.    Pat has both read and write access to the folder.

Answer: D

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Latest Alcatel-Lucent 4A0-M01 Exam Dumps Free Download with PDF & VCE

Vendor: Alcatel-Lucent
Exam Code: 4A0-M01
Exam Name: Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS Mobile Backhaul Transport

When researching carrier-class Ethernet standards to support the mobile backhaul Ethernet transport, which standards body would you consult?

A.    IEEE
B.    MEF
C.    ITU-T
D.    NGMN

Answer: B

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Free Download Adobe 9A0-182 Practice Exams with PDF & VCE

Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-182
Exam Name: Flex 4.5 ACE Exam

Which components can a Spark Group take as child objects?

A.    Components that derive from the Component class
B.    Components that implement the IVisualElement interface
C.    Components that derive from the GraphicElement class
D.    Components that implement the IUIComponent interface

Answer: D

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2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Adobe 9A0-058 Practice Tests

Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-058
Exam Name: Adobe Flash CS3 ACE Exam

You have a rectangle shape with rounded corners. You want to ensure that the corners do NOT distort when the rectangle is scaled. What should you do?

A.    Adjustxscale and yscale properties
B.    Convert the shape to a Graphic symbol
C.    It’s not possible to prevent the corners from scaling
D.    Convert the shape to aMovieClip and apply 9-slice scaling

Answer: D

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Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass VMware VCP550 Exam Questions

Vendor: VMware
Exam Code: VCP550
Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5.5

Which two statements below could explain why the vSphere Client is reporting N/A for hyperthreading? (Choose two.)


A.    The physical CPUs in the host do not support hyperthreading.
B.    Hyperthreading is disabled in the host’s BIOS.
C.    The physical CPUs in the host are not multi-core.
D.     The number of CPUs meets or exceeds the maximum without hyperthreading.

Answer: AB

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Free Download Latest 2014 Pass4sure&Lead2pass Juniper JN0-660 Dumps

Vendor: Juniper
Exam Code: JN0-660
Exam Name: Service Provider, Professional (JNCIP-SP)

Click the Exhibit button. Customer A is complaining that CE1 and CE2 cannot form an OSPF adjacency across your LDP Layer 2 circuit. The physical topology of the network is CE1-PE1-P-PE2-CE2. PE1’s loopback is, P’s loopback is, and PE2’s loopback is to the output in the exhibit, what is the problem?

A.    mismatched virtual circuit ID values
B.    mismatched interface encapsulations
C.    incorrect PE-CE interface configuration
D.    extended LDP neighbor not established

Answer: A

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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Juniper JN0-343 Exam Questions

Vendor: Juniper
Exam Code: JN0-343
Exam Name: Enterprise, Specialist, (JNCIS-ENT)

Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, R1, R2, and R3 boot at the same time. Several minutes later, R4 boots.
After R4 has been online for 40 seconds, which router will be the OSPF designated router?

A.    R1
B.    R2
C.    R3
D.    R4

Answer: B

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