IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration B

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2040-407
Exam Name: IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration B

Other than the IBM Domino Directory, what happens to documents in databases when the Administration Process performs a Rename Person or a Delete Person request?

A.    Names in all fields are updated.
B.    Nothing. Only the Domino Directory is updated.
C.    Names in Readers and Authors fields are updated where the Administration server has
been defined.
D.    Names in Readers and Authors fields are updated where the Administration server has
been defined and where the server setting “Modify fields of type Reader or Author” is set.

Answer: D

Charles is the ID Vault administrator. What role in the ID Vault database would allow Charles to extract ID files and gain access to users’ encrypted data?

A.    [Auditor]
B.    [User Access]
C.    [Password reset]
D.    [Vault Administrator]

Answer: A

When would an administrator typically need to adjust the java.policy file?

A.    when an administrator wants to control what JVM version is installed on the client machine
B.    when an administrator wants to control updates to the JVM version on an IBM Domino
C.    when an administrator needs to adjust the permissions for a Java applet running within
a webpage
D.    when an administrator needs to adjust the permissions for a Java agent, process or XPage
running Java code

Answer: A

Where is username and password information stored following successful session authentication?

A.    browser cache
B.    browser cookie
C.    browser volatile memory
D.    nowhere, as this would be a security risk

Answer: B

What is a limitation of implementing IBM Notes Shared Login (NSL)?

A.    NSL cannot be implemented on 64-bit operating systems.
B.    When NSL is enabled, Notes ID vault cannot be implemented.
C.    NSL cannot be implemented through the use of a security policy.
D.    When NSL is enabled, IBM Domino password policies cannot be implemented.

Answer: D

The idpcat.nsf will contain which document(s) with the SAML configuration?

A.    IdP assertion document(s)
B.    SAML assertion document(s)
C.    IdP configuration document(s)
D.    SAML configuration document(s)

Answer: C

Which minimum access level must a user have in order to view a database ACL?

A.    Editor
B.    Author
C.    Reader
D.    Manager

Answer: C

An administrator is not able to access a database on an IBM Domino server as he/she receives the error “You are not authorized to access that database”. What can the administrator do to access that database?

A.    Switch IDs to the server ID then try to access the database.
B.    Turn on “Full Access Administration” then try to access the database.
C.    Run maintenance (fixup, compact, updall) against the database in question.
D.    Try to modify the Access Control List of the database by selecting the database in the Files
tab of the administrator client.

Answer: B

What is a requirement for implementing the IBM Notes password expiration of Notes users?

A.    Notes shared login must be enabled.
B.    Users must have their ID in the Notes ID vault.
C.    Password checking must be enabled on the IBM Domino server.
D.    Password expiration must be configured via a Policy and Person document.

Answer: C

What encryption standard has been introduced in IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition?

A.    Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-2)
B.    Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
C.    Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
D.    Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)

Answer: A

Where is an X.509 certificate, which is used to sign and encrypt SMTP mail, stored?

A.    in the notes.ini
B.    in the IBM Notes ID file
C.    in the Personal Names and Address Book of a user
D.    in the Person document in the IBM Domino Directory

Answer: B

What is used to determine the level of access users and servers have to a database?

A.    Policy settings
B.    Server document
C.    Access Control List
D.    Execution Control List

Answer: C

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