IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus V7.4 Implementation

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2010-657
Exam Name: IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus V7.4 Implementation

What is the purpose of the BufferSize probe property (common to all probes)?

A.    It tells a probe how much memory to allocate for its internal buffers.
B.    It tells a probe the size of the buffer to use when reading alerts from its data source.
C.    It tells a probe the maximum number of alerts to buffer before flushing them to the destination
D.    It tells a probe the maximum number of alerts to have awaiting processing by the rules file.
Events received when the buffer is full are discarded automatically.

Answer: C

Which two actions are required when configuring a CGI script to use via a WebGUI tool? (Choose two.)

A.    ensure the script is writeable
B.    ensure the script is executable
C.    save the CGI script on the Web GUI server in the $NCHOME/etc/cgi-bin directory
D.    save the CGI script on the Web GUI server in the $OMNIHOME/etc/cgi-bin directory
E.    save the CGI script on the Web GUI server in the $NCHOME/omnibus_webgui/etc/cgi-bin directory

Answer: BE

What is the recommended solution delivery mechanism for Native Event List tools, prompts, and menus?

A.    They are included in the WebGUI configuration.
B.    They should be packaged up using nco_conf pack.
C.    They should be included in the solution delivery SQL file.
D.    They should be documented in the detailed design document but not delivered in the solution
delivery package

Answer: B

What does the nco_pa_status tool display?

A.    the status output from a named Process Agent
B.    the status output from all Process Agents in the installation
C.    process accounting information for the named ObjectServer
D.    process accounting information for all binaries in the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus installation

Answer: A

The username and password for the ObjectServer datasource is configured in which WebGUI configuration file?

A.    $NCHOME/omnibus_webgui/etc/server.init
B.    $NCHOME/omnibus_webgui/etc/datasources/ncwDataSource.dtd
C.    $NCHOME/omnibus_webgui/etc/datasources/ncwDataSource.xml
D.    $NCHOME/omnibus_webgui/etc/datasources/ncwDataSourceDefinitions.xml

Answer: D

Pluggable Authentication Modules are used to verify user credentials on a Linux host. What is the correct command line to start process control?

A.    %NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_pad -admingroup roots -authenticate KER -secure
B.    %NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_pad -admingroup root -authenticate PAM -secure
C.    %NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco_pad -admingroup admin -authenticate PLUG -secure
D.    %NCHOME/omnibus/bin/nco pad -admingroup admin -authenticate UNIX -secure

Answer: B

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