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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-W02
Exam Name: Implementing HP StorageWorks EVA Solutions

Which factor, in addition to storage and storage growth, is a typical driver for the implementation of Enterprise Virtual Array 8000 solutions?

A.    throughput
B.    data availability
C.    backup window
D.    management cost

Answer: A

What happens if an HSV controller reaches a critical temperature?

A.    Ungrouped disks are powered off.
B.    Cache is put in write-through mode.
C.    Unused host ports are deactivated.
D.    Array shuts down after 180 seconds.

Answer: B

You have a host connected to an EVA6000 using two HBAs. You find that the EVA is only accessible through one HBA. What are the possible causes? (Select three.)

A.    There is a faulty FC cable.
B.    The Fabric is not properly zoned.
C.    One HSV controller is powered off.
D.    Virtual disk properties are set for no failback.
E.    The wrong HBA WWID was added to the host-defined ports.

Answer: ABE

When a cache battery fails on and EVA8000, why is it important to replace this as soon as possible?

A.    No units will be presented if the second battery also fails.
B.    Primary controller is disabled until cache battery is replaced.
C.    Secondary controller owns all units until battery status changes.
D.    The cache works in write through mode on the primary controller.

Answer: A

Which replication method could cause an overcommit situation? (Select two.)

A.    clone
B.    Vsnap
C.    snapclone
D.    fully allocated snapshot
E.    demand-allocated snapshot

Answer: BE

The occupancy alarm level on an EVA4000 containing one disk group is set to 90%. When will an event be generated on the Command View EVA management station?

A.    when a virtual disk is filled above 90%
B.    when 90% of space is allocated on a single disk
C.    when 90% of disk slots are occupied in the array
D.    when usage of disk space within the disk group is above 90%

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button. Which EVA product is being implemented?


A.    EVA3000
B.    EVA5000
C.    EVA4000
D.    EVA6000
E.    EVA8000

Answer: E

How many PSEGs are used in a Vraid5 Rstore?

A.    3+1
B.    3+2
C.    4+1
D.    4+2
E.    4+3

Answer: C

Which tool is used to implement redundant paths to a Vdisk from an EVA4000/6000/8000 on an HP-UX system?

A.    SAM
B.    altPath
C.    PVlinks

Answer: C

What is a characteristic of Vraid0? (Select three.)

A.    4+0 PSEGs per Rstore
B.    4 +4 PSEGs per Rstore
C.    good read and write access
D.    no disk failure data protection
E.    single disk failure data protection
F.    good read and poor write access

Answer: ACD

What happens when I/O requests are issued to a Vdisk on the non-owning controller? (Select two.)

A.    I/O requests issued have no performance impact.
B.    A read request issued has no performance impact.
C.    A write request issued has no performance impact.
D.    A read request issued has a higher performance impact.
E.    A write request issued has a higher performance impact.

Answer: CD

You connect a 0C6D expansion rack to a fully equipped 2C12D rack. What is the maximum number of disk drives that can be added to achieve a supported configuration?

A.    56
B.    60
C.    72
D.    84

Answer: C

What causes the first write overhead on an Enterprise Virtual Array?

A.    Vraid1
B.    Vdisk diagnosis
C.    metadata update
D.    controller intercommunication

Answer: C

Which component in an EVA4000 subsystem is responsible for bypassing failed disk drives?

A.    fibre channel loop switch
B.    disk drive enclosure I/O module
C.    the Array controller (HSV controller)
D.    environmental monitoring unit (EMU)

Answer: B

How many concurrent disk drive failures with an RSS could be covered with a double disk failure protection level?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    2
D.    4

Answer: A

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