2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass CIW 1D0-510 Exam Questions (1-10)

1: What is an intranet?
A.A searchable internal repository that stores an organization’s proprietary documents
B.A worldwide network available to anyone who has a TCP/IP connection on a computer
C.A TCP/IP-based network accessible only by an organization’s members and employees
D.A TCP/IP-based network accessible only by an organization’s internal employees and select external clients
Answers: C

2: You have been asked to determine the download time for pages on your site. One page consists of the XHTML document, several image files, and a Flash presentation. These elements equal 84 kilobytes (KB) total. How long will it take for this page to be downloaded by a user with an Internet connection speed of 33.6 kilobits per second (Kbps)?
A.Approximately 5 seconds
B.Approximately 15 seconds
C.Approximately 20 seconds
D.Approximately 55 seconds
Answers: C

3: Which choice lists computer peripheral port standards that require only one IRQ and are used to connect multiple high-speed devices?
A.USB and PS/2
C.IEEE 1394 and USB
D.IEEE 1394 and IEEE 1284
Answers: C

4: What is spyware?
A.Software that reports security holes to hackers
B.Software that gathers information and relays it to outside parties
C.Software that determines and reports improper software licensing
D.Software that opens an undocumented port on your server and allows attackers to control your system
Answers: B

5: Rolf’s Web site does not meet the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). To make his site more accessible according to WCAG, which change could he make?
A.Remove all tables from site pages
B.Add a disclaimer to the home page
C.Create a text-only version of the site
D.Add more images and decrease text
Answers: C

6: Lisa has programmed her company’s router to recognize several internal networks. Which job title best describes her responsibilities?
A.Network engineer
B.Security manager
C.Server administrator
D.Help desk technician
Answers: A

7: Which type of encryption uses a pair of keys, in which one key is used to encrypt information and the other key is used to decrypt that information?
A.Hash encryption
B.One-way encryption
C.Symmetric encryption
D.Asymmetric encryption
Answers: D

8: Which of the following accurately describes a difference between GIF images and JPEG images?
A.GIF images support the transparency technique, whereas JPEG images do not.
B.GIF images support millions of colors, whereas JPEG images support only 256 colors.
C.JPEG images use vector graphics, whereas GIF images use bitmap or raster graphics.
D.JPEG images support interlacing and animation techniques, whereas GIF images do not.
Answers: A

9: In the client/server model, a client can access information from any server if:
A.both the client and server understand the protocol.
B.both the client and the LAN understand the protocol.
C.both the LAN and the WAN understand the protocol.
D.both the server and the LAN understand the protocol.
Answers: A

10: Which of the following is required for a wireless network to run in infrastructure mode?
A.A bridge
B.A switch
C.A wireless access point (WAP)
D.Wireless Equivalency Privacy (WEP)
Answers: C

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