2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass CIW 1D0-510 Exam Questions (41-50)

41: Your co-worker is not familiar with technical concepts. He asks you to explain Secure Shell (SSH) and the way it works. Which of the following is an appropriate and accurate explanation you can give to this non-technical person?
A.SSH uses RSA and public keys to authenticate and encrypt before you can defragment the hard drive.
B.SSH uses a Telnet-like interface, public keys or standard authentication methods, and then symmetric keys.
C.SSH allows you to gain secure access to a remote computer and then execute commands to control the system.
D.SSH uses DSA and RSA to protect authentication information, and asymmetric-key encryption to provide data confidentiality.
Answers: C

42: Which of the following eventually becomes a site map?
A.A storyboard
B.A needs analysis
C.A scope diagram
D.A stakeholder meeting
Answers: A

43: Which of the following allows multiple systems to communicate on a wireless network in infrastructure mode?
A.A switch
B.A wireless NIC
C.A network access point (NAP)
D.A wireless access point (WAP)
Answers: D

44: Changes in project scope tend to occur:
A.only in large corporate projects.
B.in small rather than large increments.
C.in large rather than small increments.
D.only in software development projects.
Answers: B

45: Which of the following Web site maintenance functions helps ensure that users continue to visit your site?
A.Moving links
B.Fixing dead links
C.Clearing the cache
D.Changing page locations
Answers: B

46: Which choice lists the entities most often used to spread viruses?
A.End users and database servers
B.Computer files and DHCP servers
C.Removable disks and e-mail servers
D.Weak passwords and directory servers
Answers: C

47: James created an XHTML table to show his schedule for each week of the month. He organized the table in a standard calendar format, so that each day from Sunday to Saturday is the header for a vertical column, and each week of days is displayed horizontally as a row. Each scheduled activity appears in the table cell appropriate for the day it occurs. James wants to merge two table cells into one cell to show the IT Business Conference that he will attend from Tuesday to Wednesday in the third week. Which tag should James use for this merged cell?
A.<td colspan=?? IT Business Conference </td>
B.<td rowspan=?? IT Business Conference </td>
C.<th rowspan=?? IT Business Conference </th>
D.<table colspan=?? IT Business Conference </table>
Answers: A

48: A company has the right to audit its employees’ computer hard drives. Which issue does this pose for employees?
A.Encryption policy
B.Trademark policy
C.Privacy concerns
D.Security concerns
Answers: C

49: Which type of server binds TCP to port 80 by default and listens for incoming requests from clients?
A.Mail server
B.Proxy server
C.HTTP server
D.Database server
Answers: C

50: Which layer of the Open Systems Interconnection reference model (OSI/RM) organizes transmitted information into datagrams or packets?
A.Session layer
B.Network layer
C.Data link layer
D.Application layer
Answers: B


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