642-902 Q&A – Implement an IPv6 based solution (16-20)

Section 4 – Implement an IPv6 based solution, given a network design and a set of requirements

What is the IPv6 address FF02::2 used for? Select the best response.
A. all hosts in a local segment
B. all routers in a local segment
C. all hosts in a particular multicast group
D. all routers in an autonomous system
Answer: B

To identify all nodes for the node-local and link-local scopes, the following multicast addresses are defined:
FF01::1 (node-local scope all-nodes address)
FF02::1 (link-local scope all-nodes address)
To identify all routers for the node-local, link-local, and site-local scopes, the following multicast addresses are defined:
FF01::2 (node-local scope all-routers address)
FF02::2 (link-local scope all-routers address)
FF05::2 (site-local scope all-routers address)

Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the output from the show ipv6 interface command, what two statements must be true? (Choose two.) Select 2 response(s).
A. Interface Ethernet 0/0 was configured with the ipv6 ospf 1 area 1 command.
B. Interface Ethernet 0/0 has been configured with the ipv6 ospf authentication ipsec spi 500 md5 command.
C. OSPF version 3 is enabled to support IPv6.
D. The IP address of the designated router (DR) is FE80::A8BB:CCFF:FE00:6E00. E. This is the designated router (DR) on the Ethernet 0/0 link.
Answer: BC

The network is in the process of migrating the IP address scheme to use IPv6. Which of the following address types are associated with IPv6? (Select three)
A. Unicast
B. Private
C. Broadcast
D. Public
E. Multicast
F. Anycast
Answer: AEF

What does the command clear ipv6 ospf process accomplish? Select the best response.
A. The OSPF adjacencies are cleared and initiated again.
B. The route table is cleared. Then the OSPF neighbors are reformed.
C. The shortest path first (SPF) algorithm is performed on the LSA database.
D. The OSPF database is repopulated. Then the shortest path first (SPF) algorithm is performed.
Answer: D

Your trainee asks you, in the context of IPv6 and OSPF, what best describes a type 9 LSA? What should you tell her?
A. Link LSA
B. Interarea prefix LSA for ABRs
C. Router LSA
D. Switch LSA
E. Intra-area prefix LSA F. None of the above
Answer: E