CCNP ROUTE(642-902) Lab – Policy Based Routing

Company Acan has two links which can take it to the Internet. The company policy demands that you use web traffic to be forwarded only to Frame Relay link if available and other traffic can go through any links. No static or default routing is allowed.


Answer and Explanation:

All the HTTP traffic from the EIGRP Network should go through Frame Relay link if available and all the other traffic should go through either link. The only

router you are able to administrate is the Border Router, from the EIGRP Network you may only send HTTP traffic. As the other people mentioned, actually it

is not a BGP lab. You are not able to execute the command “router bgp 65001″

1) Access list that catches the HTTP traffic:

BorderRouter# access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq www

Note that the server was not directly connected to the Border Router. There were a lot of EIGRP routes on it. In the real exam you do not know the exact IP address of the server in the EIGRP network so we have to use the source as “any” to catch all the source addresses.

2) Route map that sets the next hop address to be ISP1 and permits the rest of the traffic:

BorderRouter(config)# route-map pbr permit 10

BorderRouter(config-route-map)# match ip address 101

BorderRouter(config-route-map)# set ip next-hop

BorderRouter(config-route-map)# exit

BorderRouter(config)# route-map pbr permit 20

(Notice: the route-map pbr permit 20 line allows other traffic than HTTP to be routed. Otherwise, other traffic will be dropped)

3) Apply the route-map on the interface to the server in the EIGRP Network:

BorderRouter(config-route-map)# exit

BorderRouter(config)# int fa0/0

BorderRouter(config-if)# ip policy route-map pbr

BorderRouter(config-if)# exit

BorderRouter(config)# exit

4) There is a “Host for Testing”, click on this host to open a box in which there is a button named “Generate HTTP traffic”. Click on this button to generate

some packets for HTTP traffic. Jump back to the BorderRouter and type the command “show route-map”.

BorderRouter# show route-map

In the output you will see the line “Policy routing matches: 9 packets…”. It means that the route-map we configured is working properly.