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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 70-663
Exam Name: Pro: Designing and Deploying Messaging Solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Version: 14.91

You are configuring your Internet-accessible Client Access servers to provide Outlook Web App, Outlook Anywhere, and Autodiscover services.
You need to obtain the fewest number of certificates to secure the clients’ connection to these servers. According to the recommended practice, which type of certificate will you need to obtain to provide trusted secure access to both domain-joined and non-domain-joined devices?

A.    Enterprise CA certificate
B.    User certificate
C.    Trusted third-party UCC certificate
D.    Trusted third-party certificate

Answer: C

A trusted third-party UCC certificate will handle multiple services and provide compatibility with non-domain-joined devices.

What must be, at a minimum, the domain functional level of your Active Directory domains before you can install any Exchange Server 2010 servers?

A.    Windows 2000 mixed
B.    Windows 2000 native
C.    Windows 2000 interim
D.    Windows 2003 native

Answer: D
In each domain that will have Exchange recipients or Exchange Server roles installed, the domain functional level must be at the Windows 2003 Server native mode or higher.

What PowerShell cmdlet do you to use to enable or disable a role assignment?

A.    Set-ManagementRoleAssignment
B.    Configure-ExchangeAdministrator
C.    Modify-ExchangeAdministrator
D.    Set-ExchangeAdministrator

Answer: A
To enable or disable a role assignment using the Exchange Management Shell, you would enter the following command: Set-ManagementRoleAssignment

By default, two SMTP receive connectors are configured on a newly installed Exchange Server 2010 Hub Transport server.
Which one accepts inbound messages on TCP port 25?

A.    SMTP connector servername
B.    Default servername
C.    Client servername
D.    Receive connector servername

Answer: B
The Default servername SMTP receive connector accepts mail on TCP port 25, which is the default port for receiving messages from SMTP clients. The connector accepts mail on all installed network adapters in the Hub Transport server by default, and it also accepts the inbound messages from all IP addresses on the network by default, but only from Exchange servers. Additionally, this connector will not accept anonymous submissions.

To configure attachment filtering to block all PDF files, which of the following commands should you issue?

A.    Add-AttachmentFilterEntry -name *.pdf -type FileName
B.    Set-AttachmentFilterEntry -type *.pdf -type FileType
C.    Add-AttachmentFilterEntry -name *.pdf -type ContentType
D.    Set-AttachmentFilterEntry -name *.pdf -type FileName

Answer: A
To add an attachment filtering option that blocks all PDF files, you need to define a name of a wildcard with the PDF filename extension (*.pdf) using the -FileName option, such as Add-AttachmentFilterEntry -name *.pdf -type FileName.

Which of the following groups could be mail-enabled? (Choose two)

A.    A global distribution group
B.    A universal security group
C.    A local computer group
D.    A universal distribution group

Answer: BD
Section: Designing and Deploying Messaging Compliance, System Monitoring, and Reporting
Both security and distribution groups can be mail-enabled. However, only universal groups have their membership information published to the global catalog servers in the organization.

What PowerShell cmdlet do you use to enable POP3 access for a mailbox?

A.    Set-CASMailbox
B.    Set-MailboxProtocols
C.    Set-Mailbox
D.    Put-MailboxProtocols

Answer: A
To enable POP3 access for a mailbox, you need to use the Set-CASMailbox cmdlet, such
as: Set-CASMailbox-identity [email protected] -POPEnabled:$true.

When configuring the OWA (Default Web Site) properties for segmentation, which of the following options are available? (Choose three)

A.    Calendar
B.    Contacts
C.    Public Folders
D.    Standard Client
E.    Change Password

Answer: ABE
Calendar, Contacts, and Change Password are among the options that you can disable or enable from the Segmentation tab of the OWA (Default Web Site) Properties dialog box.

What PowerShell cmdlet do you use to mail-enable an existing universal security group?

A.    MailEnable-SecurityGroup
B.    Enable-DistributionGroup
C.    Enable-SecurityGroup
D.    MailEnable-DistributionGroup

Answer: B
You use the Enable-DistributionGroup cmdlet to mail-enable any existing security group.

To perform message tracking from the Exchange Management Shell, what cmdlet must you use?

A.    Get-MessageTrackingLog
B.    View-MessageTrackingLog
C.    Track-Messages
D.    Get-MessageTracking

Answer: A
To perform message tracking from the Exchange Management Shell, you will need to use the Get-MessageTrackingLog cmdlet.

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