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In a medium size Data Center, which three routing protocols would you use? (Choose Three.)

B.    ISIS
C.    OSPF
D.    RIPv2
E.    HSRP

Answer: ABC

Layer 2 forwarding of multicast traffic with vPC is based on which modified protocol?

A.    CGMP
B.    PIM SS
C.    Auto-RP
D.    IGMP snooping
E.    Destination-based trees

Answer: D

Which protocol is required in order for FabricPath to support switches or hosts that dual-attach through classical Ethernet?

A.    VDC
B.    vPC
C.    LISP
D.    OTV
E.    VSS

Answer: B

In a geographically diverse data center environment, which high-availability feature allows data centers to simultaneously serve the same content to all sites?

A.    HSRP
B.    VRRP
C.    SLB
D.    GSLB
E.    FCoE

Answer: D

Given the requirements, which Cisco Nexus product is Cisco recommended?
A rich feature set that makes it well suited to top-of-rack, middle-of-row, or end-of-row access- layer applications.
Data center racks with standards-based 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet and FCoE features, and virtual machine awareness features that allow IT departments to consolidate networks.
A combination of high port density, lossless Ethernet, wire-speed performance, and extremely low latency that makes the switch family well suited to meet the growing demand for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

A.    1000v
B.    1010
C.    2000
D.    3000
E.    4000
F.    5500

Answer: F
Explanation: 462176.html (see features and benefits, first bullet)

Which three control plane operations are used by vPC? (Choose three.)

A.    ARP cache
B.    MAC address learning
C.    CGMP snooping
D.    LACP
E.    BPDUs

Answer: ABE

In the data center architecture, which layer performs load balancing between data centers?

A.    Core layer
B.    Access layer
C.    Aggregation layer
D.    Collapse core

Answer: A

Which innovation in the Cisco NX-OS Software brings an entirely new Layer 2 data plane by encapsulating the frames entering the device with a header that consists of a routable source and destination address?

A.    OTV
B.    MPLS
C.    Routing
D.    RSTP
E.    LISP

Answer: A

When designing a data center environment with ECMP and IP routing between the data center network segments, which design would be the most suitable?

A.    Layer 3 data center core
B.    Layer 3 data center core with Layer 2 extension
C.    Layer 2 data center core
D.    Layer 2 data center core with Layer 3 extension

Answer: A

What design will effect traffic flows in the Data Center Core layer?

A.    The domain needed to extend a VLAN from one switch to another is determined at the core layer
B.    With a 3 layer (Access, Aggregation, Core) design the Layer 2 domain must be configured across
the Core for VLAN extension to occur
C.    Extending Layer 2 through a core causes path blocking by STP and has the risk of uncontrollable
broadcast issues related to extending Layer 2 domains, and therefore should be avoided
D.    Server-to-server traffic typically travels between aggregation modules by way of the core, while
backup and replication traffic remains within the aggregation module

Answer: C

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