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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-S25
Exam Name: Implementing HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers

Which server virtualization technology allows the guest operating system to be aware that it is running in a virtual machine instance, simplifying the work of the hypervisor?

A.    AMD Virtualization (AMD-V)
B.    Paravirtualization
C.    Intel VT-x processor virtualization
D.    Full Virtualization

Answer: B

What are valid reasons to implement server virtualization? (Select two.)

A.    to increase processing speed
B.    to accelerate business growth
C.    to reduce impact of a server crash
D.    to reduce total cost of ownership

Answer: BD

For which applications are 300 Series servers best suited? (Select three.)

A.    file or print servers
B.    domain controllers
C.    complex web applications
D.    small databases
E.    critical file server functions

Answer: ABD

Which HP utilities should you recommend for a complex environment to manage a centralized repository that distributes HP system software? (Select three.)

A.    HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)
B.    Version Control Agent (VCA) on the central management server
C.    Version Control Agent (VCA) on target servers
D.    Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM) on target servers
E.    Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM) on the central management server
F.    HP Software Distribution Server (HP SDS)

Answer: ACE

You have six drives in a hardware based RAID. Which RAID level is ideally suited for read intensive operations that also require fault tolerance?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    4
D.    5

Answer: D

What is the first step in determining a customer’s requirements when implementing a new data center solution?

A.    conduct a site survey
B.    conduct a needs analysis
C.    determine business value
D.    apply gathered data

Answer: B

A server administrator at a remote location reports that a server now has less disk space than when it was first installed. How can you efficiently verify that this is the case?

A.    Have the branch office staff perform a new survey and manually compare it against the original survey taken at installation.
B.    Have the branch office staff physically inventory the server to compare it against a survey taken at installation.
C.    Use the Insight Diagnostics Compare Configurations Tool to compare the original installation survey with a new one.
D.    Use the Diagnostics Utility on the HP SmartStart CD to determine what the difference is.

Answer: C

When should you consider upgrading to faster processors?

A.    when processor utilization remains less than 30%
B.    when the processor executes each task serially until it is accomplished
C.    when the server is over six years old
D.    when memory slots are fully populated

Answer: B

What are useful counters in the Processor category of System Monitor performance objects? (Select two.)

A.    % Processor Time
B.    % Processors to disk ratio
C.    % Disk to memory ratio
D.    % Interrupt Time

Answer: AD

What are features of registered DIMM (RDIMM) memory modules? (Select two.)

A.    lower cost per GB than unbuffered DIMM (UDIMM) memory modules
B.    higher speed than static RAM
C.    memory mirroring and Lockstep mode support
D.    address parity

Answer: CD

What are functions of an HP power distribution unit (PDU)? (Select two.)

A.    improves cable management and air flow
B.    applies power to select individual receptacles using a internet management interface
C.    provides power protection through a series of circuit breakers
D.    regulates the power coming into a system

Answer: AC

Which tool can be used to verify connection to a recently configured integrated XenServer?

A.    VMware vCenter
B.    Insight Xen manager
C.    Citrix XenCenter
D.    ProLiant Xen Onboard Administrator

Answer: C

Your SQL Server DBA requests 1TB of SAN storage for his application but you believe he only needs 200GB. Which storage technology in an HP LeftHand SAN can you employ to give the DBA all the storage he requests but only allocate storage as it is written?

A.    Network RAID
B.    SmartClone
C.    Snapshot
D.    Thin Provisioning
E.    Storage on Demand

Answer: D

Which tools are used to configure Smart Array Controllers? (Select two.)

A.    Flexible Array Storage Tool
B.    Smart Array Configuration Tool
C.    ORCA
D.    Array Configuration Utility
E.    RBSU

Answer: CD

Which options are available on the Boot Options screen during the POST sequence? (Select three.)

A.    PXE Boot
B.    System Maintenance Menu
C.    Bootable Media
D.    ROM-Based Setup Utility
E.    Bootable CD

Answer: ABD

You fill all 18 memory slots in your DL380 G6 Server with 2GB DDR3 DIMMS. However, only 18GB of RAM is available to Windows. What must you do to use all the memory in the server?

A.    Enable /3GB in boot.ini.
B.    Enable Advanced Memory Protection in RBSU.
C.    Add ‘AWE Enable’ to boot.ini.
D.    Install a second processor.

Answer: D

Which HTTPS port must you point your browser to in order to access HP SIM?

A.    22
B.    80
C.    2381
D.    50000

Answer: D

HP SIM can automatically discover and identify HP servers, desktops, clusters, workstations, portables, and Distributed Management Interface. Which other system instrumentations are supported by HP SIM? (Select two.)

A.    SMI-S
B.    SNIA
C.    WBEM
D.    SMTP
E.    ODBC

Answer: AC

Which component provides the available software inventory on the Systems Management Homepage (SMH)?

A.    Version Support Pack Manager
B.    Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM)
C.    Software Inventory Agent (SIA)
D.    Version Control Agent (VCA)

Answer: D

Which benefits does dynamic power capping provide? (Select two.)

A.    optimizes the utilization of cooling resources
B.    optimizes memory power utilization across multiple servers
C.    optimizes the utilization of power resources
D.    optimizes CPU power utilization across multiple servers

Answer: AC

What does HP SIM use to discover new devices?

A.    an SNMP query
B.    WBEM packets
C.    an ICMP ping
D.    SNMP packets

Answer: C

Which factor must you consider when upgrading your HP ProLiant DL580 G5 Server to use mirrored memory?

A.    Each processor board must have memory installed.
B.    The memory on a processor board must be of the same size and speed.
C.    The memory bus speed will be impacted if more than six DIMMs are installed.
D.    The memory bus speed will be impacted if more than four DIMMs are installed.

Answer: B

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