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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2090-918
Exam Name: System Administration for IBM Informix Dynamic Server V11

An application uses temporary tables which currently reside in the rootdbs. The DBA has just added a temporary dbspace called “tempdbs” but notices that none of the temporary tables are using the dbspaces. Which action would the DBA take to force the temporary tables into the temporary dbspace?

A.    Set TEMP DBSPACE to “tempdbs”.
B.    Add another temp dbspace since the temp dbspace must be full.
C.    Set the onconfig parameter TEMPTAB_NOLOG to 1.
D.    Drop and re-create the temp dbspace.

Answer: C

Given a datetime column, how should you find the last day of the month?

A.    Convert the datetime to a date then call the LAST_DATE( ) function.
B.    Use the MONTH_LENGTH() function.
C.    Use the END_OF_MONTH() function.
D.    Use the LAST_DAY() function.

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button. After loading 1,000 rows into the orders table on February 22nd the query shown in the exhibit was run on February 28th. On which column should you run update statistics?

A.    column constr_time 2007-02-27 11:36:57.00000 ustnrows 76.00000000000
B.    column constr_time 2007-02-24 11:36:57.00000 ustnrows 66.00000000000
C.    column constr_time 2007-02-20 11:36:57.00000 ustnrows 1066.00000000000
D.    column orders.type constr_time 2007-02-27 11:36:57.00000 ustnrows 66.0000000000

Answer: C

Given the following:
14:45:29 DR: ping timeout
14:45:29 DR: Receive error
14:45:31 DR: Turned off on primary server
14:45:31 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 170 seconds. What are two time contributors to the checkpoint duration after a DR ping timeout? (Choose two.)

A.    Time taken to flush DR buffers.
B.    Time taken for secondary to respond, maximum which is determined by DRTIMEOUT.
C.    Time used by the transport and network layers within operating system.
D.    Time spent in I/O disk flush.
E.    Time consumed in applying logs in the secondary.

Answer: BD

Which isolation level do Remote Standalone Secondary servers (RSS) support?

A.    Serializable
B.    Dirty read
C.    Repeatable read
D.    Cursor stability

Answer: B

A problem has been reported with the primary key constraint (customer_num), partnum 1048928 on the stores_demo:customer table (tabid of 100). Which command can be run to perform a check on that index?

A.    oncheck -ci stores_demo:”informix”.customer#customer_num
B.    oncheck -c index stores_demo:”informix”.customer
C.    oncheck -cd stores_demo:”informix”.customer
D.    oninit -check index 1048928

Answer: A

A database server has 10 dbspaces and each of them consist of four 2GB chunks. Onbar is used as the backup utility. The database administrator performs a whole-system backup everyday and it takes 10 hours to complete. What should be done to reduce the backup time?

A.    Decrease the value of the BAR_XFER_BUF_SIZE configuration parameter.
B.    Increase the value of the BAR_WORKER_MAX configuration parameter.
C.    Increase the TAPEBLK size.
D.    Increase the value of the BAR_MAX_BACKUP configuration parameter.

Answer: D

What are two benefits of enabling the automatic index replication feature (onmode -d idxauto on) in an HDR environment? (Choose two.)

A.    It eliminates roll forward errors during recovery.
B.    It transfers the index from the primary without rebuilding the index.
C.    If the index is fragmented, it transfers only the affected fragment(s) to repair a corrupt index on
the secondary.
D.    It blocks the primary server by performing the checkpoint before sending the index to the secondary.
E.    It creates the index on the primary but not on the secondary server.

Answer: BC

An Informix database server has been configured with the following arameters:
BAR_MAX_BACKUP 5 BAR_NB_XPORT_COUNT 4 BAR_XFER_BUF_SIZE 10 How many data buffers will be created during an onbar parallel backup operation?

A.    20
B.    25
C.    40
D.    50

Answer: A

If the user Informix is connected to a database called “stores_demo”, which command should be used to check the data for the part number shown?

A.    Execute function admin(“CHECK DATA”, “1048927”).
B.    Execute function sysadmin:admin(“CHECK DATA”, “1048927”).
C.    Execute function sysutils:admin(“CHECK DATA”, “1048927”).
D.    Execute function sysmaster:admin(“CHECK DATA”, “1048927”).

Answer: B

In IDS version 11, what are two performance gains by enabling private memory cache for every CPU VP? (Choose two.)

A.    Provides less buffer cache overhead to manage.
B.    Improves concurrency which usually involves mutex locking when the multiprocessor is turned on.
C.    Increases control server memory allocation on large systems.
D.    Increases privacy to memory content for all virtual processors.
E.    Decreases VP access time to available memory blocks.

Answer: BE

Given INFORMIXDIR is set to /usr/informix and INFORMIXSQLHOSTS is set to /sqlhosts.myinstall, where on the file system would you expect to find the actual sqlhosts.myinstall?

A.    /usr/informix/etc
B.    /tmp
C.    /usr/informix
D.    /

Answer: D

Which class of VP can only have a single VP allocated?

A.    TLI
B.    MSC
C.    ADM

Answer: C

Which two apply to Kernel-Asynchronous Input/Output (KAIO)? (Choose two.)

A.    KAIO resources are only allocated at system startup.
B.    KAIO services I/O requests for only critical dbspaces.
C.    KAIO does not require a switch between CPU and AIO virtual processors.
D.    KAIO is started when mirror dbspaces exist.
E.    KAIO is assigned based on the number of CPU VPs.

Answer: CE

After an abnormal termination of IDS, you receive the following error in the message log when trying to restart the engine on a UNIX, Linux, or a MAC platform: oninit: Fatal error in shared memory creation shared memory already initialized Which corrective action should you take?

A.    Use ipcs and ipcrm to delete orphaned memory segments.
B.    Use onmode -z to reinitialize IDS memory.
C.    Execute oninit -ty to restart IDS.
D.    Use the memcheck utility to search for orphaned semaphores.

Answer: A

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