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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-M55
Exam Name: ArcSight ESM Administrator

What must be done first to restore the database from an online backup?

A.    run the Oracle restore wizard
B.    ensure that the archived redo logs are located in the archive log destination
C.    bring the affected tablespaces online
D.    reinstall the Oracle installation

Answer: B

What happens when a Connector upgrade that was initiated from within the ArcSight Console fails.?

A.    The Connector automatically rolls back to the previously working version.
B.    The Connector does not respond to the failed upgrade.
C.    The Connector reports to the Manager that the upgrade failed and then died.
D.    The Connector automatically attempts the upgrade again.

Answer: A

With regard to SmartConnectors, what is roll back?

A.    collecting cached data after a communication failure
B.    uninstallation of a package in the event of failure
C.    a way to revert to the previous version of a Connector when a Connector upgrade fails
D.    a way to gather data that has moved beyond the archive window

Answer: C

Which statement is true about starting and stopping ArcSight SmartConnector services?

A.    They are started and stopped independently of the other ArcSight component services.
B.    The order in which they are started and stopped is based on event flow.
C.    How they are started and stopped depends on whether or not the ArcSight Manager is running.
D.    They are started and stopped in conjunction with the Oracle database services.

Answer: A

What is a trust store (sometimes called a key store)?

A.    the preferred source for obtaining signed certificates
B.    a list of trusted Certificate Authorities
C.    the location of a system’s private keys
D.    the set of backup files containing SSL information

Answer: B

Which key pair types are valid selections when using the Manager Setup Wizard to create an SSL key pair? (Select two.)

A.    non-expiring SSL key pair
B.    self-signed key pair
C.    demo key pair
D.    random generator key pair

Answer: BC

During Connector install, which statement is true about the ArcSight Manager’s host name or IP address?

A.    It must match the host name or IP address in the ArcSight Manager’s SSL certificate.
B.    The host name or IP address is used as an encryption key.
C.    It can be any legitimate host name or IP address.
D.    It must contain a combination of alpha-numeric characters.

Answer: A

What are ArcSight Foundations?

A.    user groups organized to explore and share ideas for extending ArcSight ESM capabilities
B.    coordinated resources that provide monitoring, analysis, and reporting capabilities
C.    categories of resources used for monitoring ArcSight system health and status
D.    packages that are installed but cannot be modified

Answer: B

Which ArcSight Foundation should you use to identify traffic and bandwidth usage?

A.    Configuration Monitoring
B.    Intrusion Monitoring
C.    ArcSight Administration
D.    Network Monitoring

Answer: D

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