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Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE): 642-902 Exam
642-902 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 642-902
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE)
Q & A: 394 Q&As

Which show command will display the two values used in the calculation of the EIGRP metric?
A. show protocol
B. show ip eigrp interface
C. show interface
D. show ip eigrp neighbor
Answer: B

Which command would display OSPF parameters such as filters, default metric, maximum paths, and number of areas configured on a router?
A. show ip protocol
B. show ip route
C. show ip ospf interface
D. show ip ospf
Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. If the configuration shown below is added to RTA, which three route entries will EIGRP advertise to neighboring routers?(Choose three.)
router eigrp 10
eigrp stub
Answer: ACD

Refer to the network topology diagram shown in the exhibit. The routing table of R3 contains all the proper OSPF routes except the OSPF route. Which show command on R3 will be the most useful to determine the cause of this problem and why?
A. Perform show ip ospf virtual-link to examine if the virtual link between R3 and R4 is configured and in the up state.
B. Perform show run to examine if area 3 is configured as a stubby area.
C. Perform show run to examine if area 3 is configured as a nssa area.
D. Perform show ip ospf neighbor to examine which router is elected as the DR on the e2 interface.
E. Perform show ip ospf database to examine the OSPF database entries.
Answer: A

Which of the following are methods EIGRP uses to initially populate (seed) its EIGRP topology table, before learning topology data from neighbors? (Choose two.)
A. By adding all subnets listed by the show ip route connected command
B. By adding the subnets of working interfaces over which static neighbors have been defined
C. By adding subnets redistributed on the local router from another routing source
D. By adding all subnets listed by the show ip route static command
Answer: BC

An engineer has added the following configuration snippet to an implementation planning document. The configuration will be added to Router R1, whose Fa0/0 interface connects to a LAN to which Routers R2 and R3 also connect. R2 and R3 are already EIGRP neighbors with each other. Assuming the snippet shows all commands on R1 related to EIGRP authentication, which answer lists an appropriate comment to be made during the implementation plan peer review?
key chain fred
key 3
key-string whehew
interface fa0/0
ip authentication key-chain eigrp 9 fred
A. The configuration is missing one authentication-related configuration command.
B. The configuration is missing two authentication-related configuration commands.
C. Authentication type 9 is not supported; type 5 should be used insteaD.
D. The key numbers must begin with key 1, so change the key 3 command to key 1.
Answer: A

Which of the following settings could prevent two potential EIGRP neighbors from becoming neighbors? (Choose two answers.)
A. The interface used by one router to connect to the other router is passive in the EIGRP process.
B. Duplicate EIGRP router IDs
C. Mismatched Hold Timers.
D. IP addresses of and, respectively.
Answer: AD

What administrative distance is given to EIGRP summary routes?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 5
D. 90
E. 95
F. 170
Answer: C

A network administrator is troubleshooting an EIGRP connection between RouterA, IP address, and RouterB, IP address
Given the debug output on RouterA, which two statements are true?
A. RouterA received a hello packet with mismatched autonomous system numbers.B. RouterA received a hello packet with mismatched hello timers.
C. RouterA received a hello packet with mismatched authentication parameters.
D. RouterA received a hello packet with mismatched metric-calculation mechanisms.
E. RouterA will form an adjacency with RouterB.
F. RouterA will not form an adjacency with RouterB.
Answer: DF

Which configuration command is used to enable EIGRP unequal-cost path load balancing?
A. maximum-paths
B. distance
C. metric
D. variance
E. default-metric
Answer: D

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