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Windows UX Design: 74-353 Exam
74-353 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 74-353
Exam Name: Windows UX Design
Q & A: 105 Q&As

You are designing a Windows 8 application. You need to include animation. What should you do?
A. Choose a free animation from the Windows 8 Animation Library.
B. Purchase an animation from the Windows 8 Animation Library.
C. Choose a free animation from the Windows 8 Animation Library, or create your own animation.
D. Create your own animation.
Answer: D

Which monetizing method usually generates the least revenue for applications that don’t have a
strong pre-existing brand?
A. in-application purchase
B. third-party transaction
C. advertising
D. one-time purchase
Answer: D

Which statement about application names is true?
A. An application name must be unique throughout the store.
B. An application name must be unique within its category.
C. An application name must be unique within its market.
D. An application can have the same name as any other application in the store.
Answer: C

An advertiser is willing to pay a S2 CPM. What does CPM refer to in this context?
A. cost per 1,000 impressions
B. cost per 1,000,000 impressions
C. cost per impression
D. cost per month
Answer: A

Which attribute makes the Windows Store a good place for users to discover new applications?
A. availability from the Start screen
B. advertising support
C. flexible business model
D. transparent terms and onboarding process
Answer: A

Which entry point is required in the Settings pane for network-capable applications?
A. User Login
B. Connection Status
C. Privacy Statement
D. Feedback
Answer: C

What is the meaning of the phrase ‘Design for touch first’?
A. Support for mouse and keyboard interaction is optional.
B. Prioritize touch interaction over mouse and keyboard interaction.
C. Ensure that users can directly manipulate content by using touch.
D. Always allow users to switch between touch mode and mouse-and-keyboard modes.
Answer: C

You are designing a shopping cart for an e-commerce application. Users will commit to purchase
transactions by clicking a Confirm button. What is the recommended minimum target width for
this high-consequence action button?
A. 5 mm
B. 7 mm
C. 9 mm
D. 12 mm
Answer: C

When designing interactions for Windows 8 applications, which posture is most important to
design for?
A. Two hands holding the device, thumbs interacting with the device,
B. Device resting on table or lap, two hands interacting with the device.
C. One hand holding, one hand interacting with the device.
D. Whatever posture is relevant to application user scenarios.
Answer: D

When should you use a Cross fade animation?
A. When some of the information on the page is changing.
B. When semantic zoom is invoked.
C. When users launch the application.
D. when users start their Windows 8 devices.
Answer: A

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