Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass HP HP0-A25 Exam Questions

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-A25
Exam Name: NonStop SQL/MX

Who is allowed to add columns to a table? (Select two.)

B.    the owner of the table
C.    the owner’s group super
D.    the owner of the schema
E.    users that have been granted access

Answer: AD

Using the following DDL command:
CREATE TABLE new_table LIKE old_table
What can be specified for new_table? (Select two.)

A.    Format 1 or Format 2
B.    indexes from old_table
C.    headings from old_table
D.    organization and primary key
E.    extent sizes and maximum extents

Answer: CE

A column definition includes DOB DATE HEADING ‘Birth Date’. What is the heading output for SELECT MAX(DOB)?

A.    MAX(dob)
B.    Birth Date
C.    EXPR(dob)
D.    EXPR

Answer: D

When a table has the primary key defined as DROPPABLE, which statements are true? (Select two.)

A.    A SYSKEY is generated for the table.
B.    The STORE BY clause must be used.
C.    A DROPPABLE key can only be ascending.
D.    The primary key is used as the clustering key.
E.    A seperate unique index is build for the primary key.

Answer: AE

Which command reports the average free space in data blocks?

A.    FUP INFO =table, slack
B.    FUP INFO =table, stat, analyze
C.    FUP INFO table mycatalog.myschema.mytable stat
D.    FUP INFO table mycatalog.myschema.mytable detail

Answer: C

In SQL/MX syntax, for which database element is an explicit assigned character set supported?

A.    row
B.    table
C.    column
D.    constraint

Answer: C

How do you access the current data on the SQL/MP view $data.mycat.myview from mxci? (Select two.)

A.    SELECT * FROM $data.mycat.myview;
B.    CREATE VIEW cat.sch.myview AS SELECT ordernum, order_qty FROM $data.mycat.myview; SELECT * FROM cat.sch.myview;
C.    CREATE SQLMP ALIAS cat.sch.myview $data.mycat.myview; SELECT * FROM cat.sch.myview
D.    CREATE TABLE cat.sch.myview LIKE $data.mycat.myview; INSERT INTO cat.sch.myview SELECT * FROM $data.mycat.myview; SELECT * FROM cat.sch.myview;

Answer: AC

Which statements are true about the location of the system catalog tables of the system \MYSYS? (Select two.)

A.    The subvolume of the catalog tables is MYSYS.
B.    The subvolume of the catalog tables is always ZSD0.
C.    The volume of the catalog tables is always $SYSTEM.
D.    The subvolume of the catalog tables is always ZSQLMX.
E.    The volume of the catalog tables can be found in $SYSTEM.ZSQLMX.MXANCHOR.

Answer: BE

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