Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass HP HP2-N36 Exam Questions

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-N36
Exam Name: HP Vertica Solutions [2012]

What are the differences between compression and encoding? (Select two.)

A.    Compressed data can be queried prior to materializing the data.
B.    Queries can be processed against compressed data, speeding query response time.
C.    Both reduce the storage footprint.
D.    Queries can be processed against encoded data, speeding query response time.
E.    Encoding reduces only the storage footprint.

Answer: AD

What does the acronym RLE stand for?

A.    run language encoding
B.    random length encoding
C.    random language encoding
D.    run length encoding

Answer: D
Explanation: (paragraph right under illustration 1)

What is the WOS?

A.    a redundant copy of commonly read data, cached in memory
B.    a column-store, disk-based method for storing data in Vertica
C.    a redundant write-only location used to improve node uptime
D.    a row-store, memory-based method for adding data to Vertica

Answer: D

Which statement is true about the data directory location across the nodes of a cluster?

A.    It must be in the same location on each node.
B.    It can be stored in different formats on different nodes.
C.    It can be in different locations on each node.
D.    It must be in a single location, accessible to all nodes in the cluster.

Answer: D

Which task consolidates data containers, sorting, compressing, and purging data as needed?

A.    mergesync
B.    movesync
C.    mergeout
D.    moveout

Answer: C

What are the benefits of loading data directly into ROS? (Select three.)

A.    The data is written to all projections on the source tables.
B.    The data is sorted.
C.    The data is unsorted.
D.    The data is stored in only the super projection, which then populates other projections on the table in the background.
E.    The data is in column format. The data is written in row format.

Answer: ABD

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