Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass IBM C4090-959 Practice Tests

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C4090-959
Exam Name: Enterprise Storage Sales V3

A customer tells the sales specialist that the cost for high performance storage is too expensive, especially for data that is infrequently accessed. Which technology allows them to assign types of data to different types of storage media in order to reduce costs?

A.    Data archival
B.    Storage tiering
C.    Thin provisioning
D.    Storage virtualization

Answer: B

What is the role of Cloud Agile within IBM Smarter Storage?

A.    It reduces storage capacity by 5%.
B.    It provides faster storage performance when it is Cloud Agile.
C.    It provides flexible storage and adapts easily to unpredictable demand.
D.    It provides storage performance greater than or equal to the other elements of IBM Smarter Storage.

Answer: A

A customer is backing up their data every night using Symantec Netbackup. The customer expresses their frustration with the ever-growing need for more storage just to handle the volume of data being backed up. Which IBM product can be proposed that would more efficiently handle this data volume?

A.    ProtecTIER
B.    SAN Volume Controller
C.    Real-time Compression Appliance
D.    Tivoli Storage Manager Enterprise Edition

Answer: A

A customer is looking for a robust Storage Resource Management (SRM) solution for their DSS000 that includes the following features:
Discovery, topology, monitoring, capacity management, alerting device performance management 2-site replication management
Which IBM product should be recommended to this customer?

A.    System Storage Productivity Center
B.    Tivoli Storage Productivity Center
C.    Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Select
D.    Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication

Answer: B

During a customer visit, a sales specialist presents the IBM storage portfolio and is asked how it helps reduce storage administration time due to manual tuning procedures today. Which offering answers the customer’s question?

A.    EasyTier
B.    Storage pool
C.    Cloud storage
D.    Dynamic disk pool

Answer: A

A customer is considering a new storage solution that would provide for a virtualized storage pool. Which question should the sales specialist ask in order to identify the proper solution?

A.    Is SSD a requirement for you?
B.    Is thin provisioning a requirement?
C.    Are you going to require global mirror?
D.    Do you need to scale performance as you grow?

Answer: D

The customer has a NAS infrastructure which grows by new acquisitions of separate nodes leading to cost inefficiency, complex administration, and underutilized storage resources. It is estimated there will be 30% of data growth per year, reaching 11 PB in the next 2 years. What should the sales specialist propose to the customer?

A.    One SONAS system
B.    Two SONAS systems
C.    Two N7900 systems
D.    Three N7900 systems

Answer: A

A customer is building the first public Cloud environment and plans to implement a virtualized storage platform in order to be flexible and adaptable to the unpredictable new demands. Which IBM Smarter Storage ability can help this customer with these requirements?

A.    Cloud Agile
B.    Cloud Storage Fast
C.    Cloud Virtualization
D.    Cloud SAN Volume Controller

Answer: A

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