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When adding an IP Station type 96xx, which statement is true regarding the port field?

A.    It is automatically populated by the system as “IP”.
B.    It must be populated as “SOOOXX”
C.    It must be populated with an available port on an MM712 or TN2214
D.    It must be populated with an available port on the LAN switch.

Answer: A

Consider the ARS Digit Conversion Table and ARS Digit Analysis Table shown in the exhibit. A user dials the sequence 9602323501 in a system where the number 9 is assigned to Automatic Route Selection (ARS) FAC.
What Route Pattern will route the call?


A.    Route Pattern 1
B.    Route Pattern 2
C.    Route Pattern 3
D.    Route Pattern 4

Answer: D

System functionality for a user is controlled by accessing one of the 16 class of service (COS) settings.
What does the COS settings control?

A.    the applications that a user can access and use
B.    the capabilities or limits of calling privileges
C.    the level of service that the user will get during peak usage time
D.    the optional features that a user can access and use

Answer: D

The monitor and display capacity commands can be sued to get a real-time status of the system using Avaya Site Administration (ASA).
Which command and tool should you use to view the current load for a specific trunk group?

A.    monitor load command using terminal emulation
B.    monitor traffic command using terminal emulation
C.    monitor traffic command using GEDI
D.    display capacity using GEDI or terminal emulation

Answer: B

You are a technician responsible for an Avaya Aura?Communication Manager Implementation and you need to connect your PC/laptop to the server for Initial setup and administration, as well as setup a PC/laptop for the customer to do on-going administration.
Which two methods are available for on-site access to the Communication Manager server? (Choose two.)

A.    through any PC on the customer’s LAN connecting to the predefined, static IP addresses for the
communication server or the service PC
B.    through the service PC/laptop connected to the services port on the communication server using
a crossover cable
C.    through the service PC/laptop connected to the services port on the communication server using
a USB cable
D.    through the service PC/laptop connected to the SAL (secure access link) interface on the
communication server using a crossover cable

Answer: BD

Which two Fields and Settings must be verified on the system-parameters customer-options form when adding 46xx or 96xx type telephones? (Choose two)

A.    Maximum Concurrently Registered IP Stations greater than “0”
B.    Maximum Media Gateway VAL Sources greater than “0”
C.    Maximum Off-PBX Telephones greater than “0”
D.    IP Stations field in”y”
E.    Digital Stations field In “y”

Answer: AD

A user reports that when attempting to dial an external call to local number the system does nothing -just silence.
You interview the user as follows.
You: What happens if you longer after you dial your number?
User: once I waited for about half a minute, then I heard these tones that supported the something was wrong.
You: Did the sound stay on the same pitch or did it change pitches back and forth?
User: Back and forth one pitch higher than the other.
You: OK, that helps. What did you dial to get an outside line?
User: Nine (9)
You: Thank you, I appreciate the information, I will get back with you shortly.

With reference to the scenario described in the exhibit, which statement most accurately describes the situation?

A.    The user should have been able to complete the call as dialed
B.    The system must be re-administered to correct the situation
C.    After dialing “9” the user should have dialed more digits, then the external call would have completed
D.    The user did not dial the correct access code to make an external call

Answer: D

Which Communication Manager command creates the most helpful report to diagnose problems with users who, when attempting to place outgoing calls, get reorder tone?

A.    List trace station
B.    List measurement occupancy
C.    List performance hunt-group
D.    List measurements call-rate

Answer: B

A remote user who uses Avaya Softphone to work from home reports that the client (Desktop) application will not register. After verifying that the user has configured the softphone application to “point” to the correct IP address of a communication manager gatekeeper using administered extension, you ask if the user supplied a password when logging on. The user confirms that the password was used on each log-on attempt.
You look up the user’s information and note that the type field is 4620 (IP telephone) and the Security Code field is *#*.
With referent e to the scenario described in the exhibit, which form will help you diagnose the situation?

A.    feature access
B.    station
C.    coverage path
D.    remote access security
E.    class of service

Answer: B

Which parameters must be configured to implement Automatic Route Selection (ARS)?

A.    Dial Plan, Codec Set, Private Numbering, Network Region
B.    Far-End Node, Near-End Node, Coverage Path, Call Forwarding
C.    Feature Access Code, Digit Analysis, Digit Conversion, Route Pattern, Trunk Group
D.    MGC List, H 2<18 Link Timer, Call Admission Control. Feature Access Code

Answer: C

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