Latest Avaya 3100 Practice Tests Free Download with PDF & VCE (31-40)

In addition to protocol and function, which two other factors affect the choice of trunk type? (Choose two)

A.    number of users
B.    link bounce timer value
C.    type of endpoints
D.    distance
E.    type of gateways

Answer: CD

With reference to the Alarm Report shown in the exhibit, which option describes the location of the alarm that occurred on May 13 at 09:25?


A.    cabinet 1, gateway b, media module 12, port 12
B.    gateway 1, server b, extension 1212
C.    cabinet 1, carrier b, slot 12, port 12
D.    server 1, gateway b, media module 12, port 12
E.    port network 1, cabinet b, carrier 12, slot 12

Answer: E

Your Avaya [email protected] Communication Manager System has been operating without Incident for several months. Then, one day at 10:00 AM, you get multiple reports about blocked access and users unable to make calls.
You run Processor Occupancy Summary and Trunk Group Summary reports and determine that there are no issues with processor occupancy or availability of trunks. So now you decide to see if someone made a change to the system around 10:00 AM
Which report will show what administrative or maintenance system changes that were made around 10:00 AM and by whom?

A.    a history report
B.    an activity performed report
C.    an administrative or maintenance summary report
D.    a hardware error log report
E.    a system-parameters change report

Answer: A

Which trunk type is supported by media module MM710, and circuit packs TN767E, TN464HP, TN2464CP, and TN2207?

A.    An IP trunk
B.    A DSI trunk
C.    A SIP trunk
D.    An analog trunk

Answer: B

Communication Manager and system Platform each have their own backup function and each back up different data. For system Platform based systems, both backups need to be done routinely.
What is a difference between the backup function for System Platform and Communication Manager?

A.    Only the Communication Manager backup can encrypt the file.
B.    Only the Communication Manager backup can be scheduled.
C.    Only the System Platform backup can use secure copy Protocols (SCP).
D.    Only the System Platform backup can use secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).

Answer: A

Which feature can you administer using a multi-appearance telephone with Console Permission?

A.    Receive Security notifications of Authorization codes violation
B.    Record integrated Announcements
C.    Activate and deactivate Coverage paths for another extension
D.    Add and remove agents from CORs

Answer: C

You execute the List history command to display the system transaction log.
Which two types of Information do you expect to find in the transaction log or history report? (Choose two)

A.    valid user logins and logoffs to or from the system
B.    valid and invalid logins and logoffs to or from the system
C.    recent, successful administration and maintenance commands to the system
D.    recent successful and unsuccessful administration and maintenance commands to the system

Answer: AC

Changes that an administrator performs on a system are always only written to —- RAM.
Which SAT command must be used to copy these changes so that the hard disk, so that in case of a loss of power, the changes will be available?

A.    save ——
B.    copy running configuration startup configuration
C.    copy —— all
D.    save —— startup configuration

Answer: A

There are two GUI-based access tools available: Avaya site administration (ASA) and system management interface (SMI).
Which statement correctly differentiates between ASA and SMI?

A.    Both SMI and ASA can perform the same administration tasks but ASA is being replaced by SMI.
B.    Both SMI and ASA can perform the same administration tasks but SMI is for technicians and ASA
is for customers.
C.    SMI provides access to less frequent administration, installation and upgrade functions, while ASA
provides access to day-to-day administration functions.
D.    Old hardware and software (Pre ?5.x) is administered using SMI, while current hardware and
software (5.x and later) is administered using ASA.

Answer: C

Consider the signaling Group Information shown in the exhibit.

Which SAT command can you use to get the IP address of the Far-end Node of the Signaling group 50?

A.    Display board CLAN10
B.    List node-name all
C.    List ip-address nodes
D.    List ip-interface nodes

Answer: B

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