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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-J67
Exam Name: Architecting Multi-site HP Storage Solutions

Refer to the exhibit. You are presenting a converged infrastructure proposal to the director of IT and the infrastructure administration team. The configuration is to refresh th infrastructure at a wholly-owned subsidiary company. They plan to have a SQL standby server in their main data center for recovery. The director informs you that the subsidiary IT staff has been laid off and that the configuration needs to be as easy to manage as possible because it will be done remotely. What should you to improve the proposal TCO?


A.    Recommend an HP Flat SAN
B.    Add an HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateway
C.    Change HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 to HP StoreVIrtual 4530
D.    Fibre Channel connect the HP StoreOnce 4420

Answer: A
HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology
To address this problem HP announces HP Virtual Connect for 3PAR with Flat SAN technology. The industry’sfirst direct connection to fibre channel-based storage that doesn’t require dedicated switches, enabling asimplified architecture with best-in-class storage, servers and network innovations — BladeSystem, VirtualConnect and 3PAR.
Customer benefits include:
– Single layer Fibre Channel storage network – Eliminate SAN switches and HBAs
– Massive simplification of your fabric management
– 2.5x faster Fibre Channel storage provisioning
– Automated zoning capabilities to set up zones with one-click vs. hours
– Up to 55% less latency by removing SAN fabric layer

Refer to the exhibit. A customer reports poor application performance on their Oracle database, which is on an existing tho node HP P4500 virtualization SAN. The customer provides you with the chart in the exhibit. Wich assumption can you make based on this graph?


A.    Asynchronous replication from this cluster causes a bottleneck.
B.    Database read operations cause a bottleneck on the cluster
C.    Hard drive background tasks cause a bottleneck on the cluster
D.    Writing archive logs causes a bottleneck on the cluster

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. The central IT department of a local city government has data centers in two buildings, which are several kilometers apart and are connected by long wave SFPs. They have implemented two HP 6400 Enterprise Virtual Arrays with synchronous HP Continuous Access EVA zoned for a 6- logical-fabric solution. They are using redundant HP StorageWorks 4/32 SAN Switches at each site.
Central IT recently expanded to include more city departments and added 45 more servers and 23 TB of additional data into their solution However the users are reporting poor application performance.
Which Tool will enable the IT deparment to gather information about the DR tunnel in the environment?


A.    HP B-Series SAN Network Advisor
B.    HP Command View EVA EVAperf
C.    HP DataCenter Fabric Manager
D.    HP Intelligent infrastructure Analyzer Software

Answer: B
Explanation: StorageWorksCommand.pdf 8848ENW.pdf
pag. 35

Refer to the exhibit. A customer reports poor application performance on their OLTP database, which is on an existing two-node HP P4500 Virtualization provides you with the chart in the exhibit. Which conclusion can you draw from this graph?


A.    Maximum acceptable response time is reached during business hours.
B.    Maximum acceptable response time is reached during backup.
C.    Optimal response time is not reached during the whole measure period.
D.    Optimal response time is reached during business hours.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. You run the evaperf cs command and generate the output in the exhibit. What must you do to display the administrator-defined EVA names when using EVAperf?


A.    Upload the Command View naming table by using the CLI.
B.    Turn beaconing of the EVA on by using the evaperf be command on the CLI.
C.    Import the friendly names from Command View by using CLI.
D.    Establish a relationship between Command View and EVAperf by using the System Options menu
in the GUI.

Answer: C
In HP StorageWorks Command View EVA user guide, page 40/41
Creating friendly names You can associate the WWNs of objects, such as arrays, virtual disks, and hosts, with more readable identifiers called friendly names. For example, you can identify an array that is known by its WWN of 50001FE1-5000-A9F0 as RSG14HSV1. You can extract this information from HP Command View EVAand useitinHPCommand View EVAPerf.
Creating the friendly names host file To create the friendly names host file,you will need theaccountusernameand password that was created for you during installation of HP Command View EVA. Complete the following procedure: Open a command window. Change to the directory on which HP Command View EVAPerf is installed. Enter the following command: evaperf fnh [hostname][username][password]
Adding friendly names To add friendly names for arrays configured with the fnh command: Open a command window. Change to the directory on which HP Command View EVAPerf is installed. Enter the following command: evaperf fn The fnames.conf file is created. Any friendly name information that exists for the management servers running HP Command View EVA and listed in the fnamehosts.conf file is extracted from HP Command View EVA and stored in the fnames.conf file.

Refer to the exhibit. You are preparing an installation plan with one of your storage engineers. The customer wants to extend their SAN fabric from four switches to eight switches.
What must be taken into account when integrating the new solution design?


A.    EVA6400 will achieve more host port throughput with higher switch count in the fabric.
B.    Connected hosts will fail fabric login.
C.    BladeSystem SAN switches cannot be extended with external switches by default.
D.    Merging of fabrics could fail if no further configuration or planning is performed.

Answer: D

Your customer needs a solution to provide non-disruptive data streaming across two sites. The customer is not limited to an existing transport protocol in their environment but wants to use deduplication for their office data. Which HP storage solution should you recommend?

A.    HP StoreOnce
B.    HP EVA
C.    HP StoreEasy
D.    HP 3PAR StoreServ

Answer: D
A – incorrect. designed for backup, not for data streaming.
B – incorrect. EVA does not support deduplication
C – incorrect. try to upgrade FW. – than you need to reboot, traffic interruption occured.
D – correct. deduplication + pert persistance.

You are reviewing a colleague’s design for a new storage environment. The solution consists of two HP 3PAR StoreServ arrays. The colleague also proposes an HP Multi-protocol Router Blade for the B-Series to extend the fabric. Which customer requirements should lead you to choose an HP MPX200 Multi-protocol Router as an alternative? (Select two.)

A.    need for up to 10Gbs replication bandwidth
B.    need for FCoE support
C.    need for online migrations
D.    need for fabric stability
E.    need to prioritize array replication over WANs, over less critical trafiic

Answer: AC
A – correct. HP Multi-protocol Router Blade for the B-Series supports 2 or 4 Gb SFP. very old.MPX200 supports 10Gbs
p2, topic "Key iSCSI/FCoE Features", bullets 1-3.
B – incorrect
both support FCoE
C – correct.
p3, topic "Heterogeneous Data Migration Optional License"
D – is incorrect because both devises are routers. both provide stability.
E – do not know.

You are working with a customer to design and install a Fibre Channel storage solution based on HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage. The customer wants data migration to be part of the solution. The IT environment includes VMware vSphere 5 and Windows 2008 R2 servers. The customer intends to utilize the existing non-HP array for Tier 2 storage on the Windows 2008 R2 servers. The existing array is also being used as the target of the customer backups. and that data will not be migrated. The customer wants to capitalize on their previous purchases and spend as little as possible for data migration.
What should you recommend the customer use to migrate the data? (Select two)

A.    HP 3PAR Remote Copy
B.    HP MPX200 Multifunction Router
C.    HP 3PAR Online Import
D.    HP 1606 Extension SAN Switch
E.    VMware Storage \/Motion

Answer: BE
A – incorrect – 3PAR only
C – incorrect – EVA only.
D – not sure

Scenario 1 (QUESTION 133 – QUESTION 141)
Scenario 1:
Based on the discussions with the client, you determine that the current DR strategy is not optimal. You want to propose a new layout that utilizes three data facilities, as shown in the exhibit.

A large publicity-traded motion picture exhibitor that is a leader In digital and 3D cinema deployments orepates 233 theaters and more than 2,200 screens in small to mid-sized communities in 35 states around United States. They rely on MS Exchange Server 2010 for email, MS SQL. Server 2010 for analyzing data about movies and theater-goers, and MS Excel 2010 for crunching numbers.
The company runs nightly incremental backups and a full weekly backup that consists of close to 7TB of data which takes up 72 hours to complete. The quarterly backups add an additional 7 TB of data. Tapes are inventoried and transported from the main data center to the disaster recovery site 150 miles away. The process of transporting tape cartridges to and from the Disaster Recovery site requires hours of dally work.
The company currently relies on an aging robotic tape library and a process that takes the nightly backup tapes of site every morning. Additionally, the company keeps an inventory, and if a restore is necessary,they have to retrieve the tapes from the DR site and transport them to the main data center site. They have a 7 year data retention plan, and the tapes are expensive and not always reliable. Given the company’s current system, if a full weekly backup fails over a weekend, the re-run could take up to 10 hours, even if just one job failed.
The company has deployed an virtualized server infrascructure which runs VmWare VSphere 5 on HP Bladesystem c7000 enclosures and BL46Oc servers interconnected with HP virtual Connect Flex-10 10Gb Ethernet modules as well as several HP ProLiant DL380 servers.
The company top four IT improvements goal are as follows:
– replacing the aging robotic tape library
– enabling replication of backed up data from the main data center to the disasterrecovery site (150miles)
– retaining more backup data in smaller disk space -increasing efficiency, reliabillity and ease of System administration
Moreover the company’s top thee business benefit goals are as follows:
– increased confidence in disaster recovery
– Minimal disruption by backup during regular business hours
The company has asked that you create multiple solution proposals and prioritize one when you return for a presentation.
Refer to the scenario. How should you build the storage and backup based on this DR strategy?

A.    Use data replication between the Main Data Center and the DR site.
Use an HP StoreOnce 4430 Backup solution in the data bunker.
Use an MSL library in the data bunker for archiving. and have a small MSL library in the other two sites for recovery.
B.    Use an HP StoreOnce 4430 Backup solution in each facility.
Use an MSL library in the data bunker
for archiving. and have a small it/ISL library in the other two sites for recovery
C.    Use an HP StoreOnce 4430 Backup solution to replicate data between the three facilities
D.    Use data replication between the three sites.
Use an MSL library in the data bunker for archiving.

Answer: D

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