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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-Z32
Exam Name: Implementing HP MSM Wireless Networks

Which feature differentiates the default VSC from other VSCs that are configured on an MSM Controller?

A.    Traffic from the default VSC is always routed out the Internet port.
B.    The default VSC can be used to control untagged wired traffic that is received on the LAN port.
C.    The default VSC must always be access controlled.
D.    Wireless clients that fail authentication to another VSC are assigned to this VSC.

Answer: B

Two HP MSM Controllers have established a team. The team manager fails. Which statements correctly describe the failover behavior? (Select two.)

A.    APs managed by the team manager no longer appear in the team’s web browser interface, but the APs continue to support non-access-controlled APs.
B.    Clients connected to non-access controlled VSCs do not experience any loss of connectivity.
C.    Administrators can continue to configure settings on the team by using the interim manager.
D.    Clients connected to access-controlled VSCs do not experience any loss of connectivity.
E.    Administrators can contact the team IP address and monitor controlled APs in the web browser interface.

Answer: CE

A company has an MSM solution that includes an MSM760 Controller and MSM APs. The VSC for the employees does not use the controller for access control. Employees’ wireless clients should be assigned to VLAN 10.
How should the MSM administrator define the VLAN 10 setting?

A.    as an authorized egress VLAN in the VSC
B.    as an IP interface on the controller’s Internet port
C.    as an egress VLAN in the VSC binding for the AP group
D.    as an ingress VLAN in the VSC

Answer: C

Which standard supports channel bonding?

A.    802.11g
B.    802.1ln
C.    802.11a
D.    802.11b

Answer: B
Channel bonding: 802.11n channel bonding allows two 20 MHz channels to be combined to form a single 40 MHz channel, effectively doubling the transmission channel width.

Which packets do the AP and the client exchange during the 802.1X authentication process?

A.    RADIUS packets
B.    EAP packets
C.    DHCP packets
D.    HTTP or HTTPS packets

Answer: B
The switch sends an EAP-request/identity frame to the client to request its identity. Upon receipt of the frame, the client responds with an EAP-response/identity frame.

A network administrator wants to use a dedicated link for teaming communications between two HP MSM720 Controllers. In each MSM720’s teaming settings, the administrator selects port 4 and sets the VLAN ID to 101. What is the correct setting for the port 4 network profile?

A.    a network profile without a VLAN ID
B.    a network profile with a VLAN ID that is not used in any another profile
C.    a network profile with VLAN ID 101
D.    the default network profile (Access network)

Answer: C

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