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How do you embed a subscreen in a main screen?

A.    Use SET SUBSCREEN in a PBO module of the main screen.
B.    Use SET SUBSCREEN in the flow logic of the main screen.
C.    Use CALL SUBSCREEN in the flow logic of the main screen.
D.    Use CALL SUBSCREEN in a PBO module of the main screen.

Answer: C

For which of the following requirements can you implement a functional method? (Choose two)

A.    A handler method for an event that has a returning parameter
B.    A method to set an instance attribute with one importing parameter and no other parameters
C.    A factory method that returns an object reference
D.    A private static helper method that returns a single value as the result of an algorithm

Answer: CD

Which ABAP statement using the local type gty_1 correctly defines a data object? (Choose two)

A.    DATA gv_1 TYPE gty_1.
B.    DATA gv_1 LIKE gty_1.
C.    CONSTANTS gc_1 TYPE gty_1 VALUE ‘1’.
D.    DATA gv_1 TYPE gty_1 DEFAULT ‘1’.

Answer: AC

When analyzing a program, which tasks can you perform using the code inspector? (Choose three)

A.    Discover unused variables.
B.    Execute the extended program check
C.    Determine used database tables.
D.    Inspect the memory consumption.
E.    Evaluate the time needed for program execution.

Answer: ABC

Which objects can share data through context mapping?

A.    View controller and another view controller
B.    Component controllers and view controllers
C.    Custom controllers and transparent tables
D.    Global classes and component controllers

Answer: B

Which of the following variables is the self-reference variable in ABAP OO?

A.    THIS
C.    ME

Answer: C

Which components belong to an elementary search help? (Choose two)

A.    Fixed values
B.    Import / export parameters
C.    Selection method
D.    Attachment to a field

Answer: BC

How do you add fields to an SAP-delivered transparent table without modification?

A.    Use the database utility to enhance the definition on the database directly.
B.    Add the new fields to the table definition.
C.    Create an append structure containing the new fields.
D.    Define a structure containing the new fields and include it in the table definition.

Answer: C

Which of the following tasks does the BADI implementing class perform?

A.    Filtering
B.    Sequencing
C.    Inserting
D.    Deleting

Answer: A

What can you create using the ABAP Dictionary? (Choose three)

A.    Domains
B.    Type pools
C.    Transparent tables
D.    Field symbols
E.    Internal tables

Answer: ABC

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